ABOUT: In the Garden


A book maquette I made of a small selection of these images was awarded Grand Prize in the international Blurb Photography Book Now design competition. I still hope that the entire project can be published one day.


INTERESTING FACT: Two photographs from this series are featured on the set of the blockbuster movie It's Complicated


These photographs were taken in formal English and Italian gardens. The shape and mystery of these places are a natural draw for me as they offer glimpses of the rich traditions of garden making. I am interested in garden history and historical concepts of paradise, and aim for pictures that have a meditative quality to reflect the spiritual urges that inspired the earliest gardens some six thousand years ago. My images are not depictive. I use the land before me as a jumping off point, implying light or shadow where perhaps there was none, as a way to create my own path through the garden. In fact, by positioning the lens, cropping my prints, and using burning and dodging to guide the viewer’s eye through a picture, I feel that I too am a gardener in a sense. I am after that “slant of curious light” that is the genius of a place.

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With deep gratitude

This project was funded by a generous fellowship from the McKnight Foundation.

This activity was made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature.